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  • America's 50 Best Hospitals

    CJW Medical Center, with its two campuses at Chippenham and Johnston-Willis, has been named one of America's 50 Best Hospitals for the second year in a row by HealthGrades.
  • Levinson Heart Hospital

    CJW Chippenham campus features the Levinson Heart Hospital, a specialized pediatric ER and ICU, a certified primary stroke center, trauma center, behavioral medicine, and the area's largest sports medicine center.
  • Vascular Center of Excellence

    Learn more about some of the services we provide at CJW Vascular Center of Excellence

  Welcome to CJW Vascular Center

CJW Medical Center's Levinson Heart Hospital has been named Virginia's #1 Heart Hospital for three years in a row by HealthGrades. This ranking is due in part not only to our outstanding team of physicians and medical professionals as well as our high volume of cardiovascular cases and record of positive patient outcomes.

CJW Medical Center is the highest-volume hospital in the greater Richmond area. Each year it admits approximately 32,000 patients, performs 900 open-heart surgeries, 4475 cardiac catheterizations, and 596 vascular surgeries, and 1600 endovascular patients.

CJW Vascular Center of Excellence was developed as a multidisciplinary collaborative effort between interested cardiovascular physicians and CJW Medical Center, all interested in delivering the standard of excellence in vascular care in our community.

CJW Vascular Center of Excellence

CJW Johnston-Willis Campus
1401 Johnston-Willis Drive
Richmond, VA 23235
tel: 804-330-2143
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CJW Chippenham Campus
7101 Jahnke Road
Richmond, VA 23225
tel: 804-323-8767
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Recognizing the special needs of vascular patients a 7 million dollar Vascular Center was created at Chippenham and Johnston Willis Medical Centers. A comprehensive care program for vascular patients has been developed.

Services include a non-invasive vascular lab, specialized Computerized tomography, MRI and Angiography. Programs available at CJW include cardiac rehabilitation, smoking cessation, wound care management, and diabetes care. Two state of the art endovascular operating suites are being used to provide minimally invasive vascular surgery procedures for our patients. The CJW Vascular Center of Excellence is outcomes-based, meaning patients and treatments are constantly evaluated for their effectiveness and patient satisfaction.

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